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Knock Socks Off

Delight Your Customers: Be a Sock-Knocker-Offer

Have you ever wished someone… Or perhaps someone has offered you the words of encouragement… “Knock their socks off!” It means to wow or amaze someone. To go beyond what is expected. The saying originates from boxing – when you bop your opponent so hard, you nearly knock them out of their socks. Unfortunately – and far too often – …

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Helicopter View, Customer Service Technique

One of the challenges for staff in a store or restaurant, in delivering great customer experiences, is to anticipate customer needs. Delivering this high level of service involves being so tuned-in to customers, you can answer questions before they even ask. Whether it’s noticing someone scratching their heads… looking quizzically at your merchandise, or a patron at your restaurant with …

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Friendly Falafel

For lunch today, I popped into Maoz Vegetarian restaurant for falafel. It’s really good. (Seth Godin raves about the place – calls it the best falafel in the world!) They serve fresh hot falafel, on warm pita bread, with delicious hummus, and let you slather on your own toppings. Always delicious. An aside… In Europe everyone takes cash, fewer vendors …

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Great Happens, It’s Tough to Always Be Good

In Steve Martin’s memoir, Born Standing Up, Steve shares the challenge of trying to consistently provide a “good” performance. I see a direct relationship between what Steve comments about and the same concept in business… specifically customer service. The consistent work enhanced my act. I learned a lesson. It was easy to be great. Every entertainer has a night when …

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Put Yer Customer Needs First

Let’s say ye be a shipbuilder fer swashbucklers an’ ye want t’ stay innovative. As ye watch th’ trends ye notice that yer competitor pirate shipbuilders be addin’ larger cannons t’ the’r ships t’ aid th’ swashbucklers. Swashbucklers seem t’ need more fire power. Do ye immediately add larger cannons t’ yer ships? `Tis expensive. ‘t will take time t’ …

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