Innovation Report By Google

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Google has just published "Think Quarterly" and the Q3'11 is their Innovation Issue. As the cover welcome note states... ...We've curated big ideas from heads of industry, leading experts and our homegrown visionaries -- all to help guide your own thinking. [...]

Tips For Creativity & Problem Solving: “Live In PLAY” Interview

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It's always an honor when someone cares to hear your advice. It is my pleasure to share with you a BlogRadio interview I was part of on Saturday evening that featured... well... me and Idea Sandbox! Jenny Ward, the Chief Play [...]

Eat Me Crunchy Cereal Bowl

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It is always gratifying when - in your lifetime - someone solves one of the world's problems. We're still figuring out global warming, but someone has solved our soggy breakfast cereal problem. The Eat Me Crunchy Bowl For sale on the [...]

Test Your Company’s IQ

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This post is no longer up-to-date as the Think Smart site no longer exists. But the questions are still relevant You're thinking Intelligence Quotient... I'm talkin' Innovation Quotient. Joyce Wycoff at Innovation Network has had a simple on-line guide, which allows [...]

Practical Tasks of Innovation

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Take a look at this quote from the book "Be Our Guest: Perfecting the Art of Customer Service" by the Disney Institute. Think for a moment about a magic show. To the audience, the show elicits feelings of wonder and surprise. [...]