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You made it through the New Store Opening Guide.

It’s definitely a lot of information to digest, but break it down into small chunks, make a plan and to-do-list, and you’ll have the best New Store Opening!

Remember, you only open a store for the first time once.

Before you go, let’s recap!

The key steps to a fantastic New Store Opening are to…

  • Build Awareness – Activities that build awareness let people know you exist and how and where to find you. These activities can include signage, neighborhood tours, distributing grand opening invitations and advertising.
  • Create Excitement – In everything you do, you want to build excitement for your new business. Talk it up, put up a countdown calendar in the window, spread the word on social media, etc.
  • Drive Traffic – Plan activities so that people want to visit and return. Aside from your Grand Opening party, you can plan events for the future: holiday parties, community events, live music, etc.
  • Create Community – Connect with your community in meaningful ways so that your customers know you’re there for them. Just getting to know your neighbors is a great first step. Selecting (and supporting) a charity partner takes it one step further.
  • Keep the Momentum Going – track your sales and results of your event and send thank you note to event participants. Also, get going on your samplings / demonstrations and think about planning your next in-store event!

Anything else you need help with, we are here for you, use the form on the Contact Us page and send us a note.

New Store Strategies

Not to overwhelm you, but we’ve pulled together all of the New Store Opening Strategies in one spot for you.