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So far we covered the concept that your three four sales-building strategies for a store opening is to:

  • Build Awareness & Trial,
  • Create Excitement,
  • Drive Traffic, and
  • Create Community.

Also, the Store Opening is not just a Grand Opening once you open your doors. To ramp up sales quickly, you’ll want to do Pre-Opening Activities. And, to sustain the momentum of Pre-Opening and Grand Opening efforts, you’ll want to keep up your marketing activity Post-Opening.

Four tools you’ll use to plan your New Store Opening include:

  • Trade Area Assessment to understand your neighborhood,
  • Community Assessment to understand the community needs,
  • A Putting It All Together too to help you gather all your findings, and finally,
  • Your Marketing Plan where you’ll document your approach.

Now we’ll talk about the proven Pre-Opening Strategies & Activites!