Here are 5 take-aways from our Customer Experience Course:

  1. Hire for personality, train job skills. It’s easier to train someone to do the tasks of their job than to teach them how to provide a great customer experience. Try Behavioral Interviewing to hire the right people.
  2. Set your “gold standard.” What’s the best thing in your lineup? Is it your speciality cupcakes? Or, the fact that everything is made in the USA? Whatever it is, make it the standard for all other products and services. Set the bar high!
  3. “Every customer. Every time.” Offer consistently good service to each customer rather than providing great service on one day, and horrible service the next. It can be something as simple as enthusiastically greeting each customer that walks through the door. Just make sure you do it for every customer, every time.
  4. Go two extra steps for your customer. No need to go the extra mile. Little things like… serving hot bread at the table, and holding the door open for your customers are examples of going two extra steps.
  5. Learn how to deal with a dissatisfied customer. Despite all of your best efforts and training, you messed up, and a customer is upset. It’s ok, all you have to do is acknowledge the problem, apologize and accept responsibility and do what you can to make it right. Remember, the customer is never wrong.

Yay! Great Job!

Well, [user_custom_field field=”first_name” /], thanks for coming along with us on this Customer Experience journey! We hope you feel more equipped than before to delight your customers with a memorable experience!

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