The Holiday season doesn’t have to be stressful when you properly plan. Black Friday can be about you making your sales numbers for the year – going from “in the red” to “in the black.”

Two key strategies for the Holidays are to:

  1. Leverage the additional traffic the season brings, and
  2. Surprise and delight your customers in relevant ways.
  • Be sure to celebrate and decorate in a manner that is most relevant to your customers.
  • The best promotions combine:
    1. A theme that’s relevant to your customers,
    2. An offer that provides them with value, and
    3. A community give-back component that adequately supports the right charity.
  • Two of the biggest opportunities are for Black Friday and the season of Holiday Shopping.
  • Be sure to prepare properly Operations – with a plan, inventory, equipment and staffing.
  • Be sure to prepare properly your Marketing approach with programs, decor, sampling and other Surprise & Delight activities.

Happy Holiday Planning!